Documents such as our Code of Ethics and group policies are a reflection of our corporate culture and an expression of our commitment to sustainable development. Before suppliers can take part in work alongside AREVA, they must be familiar with these documents.


Our commitments for the sustainable development

By integrating sustainable development into the purchasing process, AREVA addresses the world’s energy and environmental challenges and remains consistent with these fundamentals when doing business.


Nuclear Safety Charter

The purpose of this Nuclear Safety Charter is to set forth the group's commitments in the field of nuclear safety and radiation protection so as to ensure that this requirement is met throughout the life cycle facilities.


AREVA at a glance

Discover the group’s business and its presence around the world, key figures, AREVA Way, and dialogue with our stakeholders…and much more!


General terms and conditions of Purchase

The General terms and conditions of Purchase will apply for the AREVA Group french entities from 2015, January 1st.


Security Declaration

Should the Supplier not be Authorized Economic Operator (AEO), or hold any equivalent status, it undertakes to send the Purchaser a Security Declaration duly completed and attached to the acknowledgment of receipt of the Order.

Code of Ethics

AREVA wishes to be an exemplary group in terms of Ethics and Compliance.


Purchasing is a strategic initiative for AREVA.